Your Product, Our Hotel

Would your product be a good fit for the first net zero energy sustainable hotel built?

The Green Leaf Inn is a unique project that combines a building renovation, new construction, commercial and residential as a hotel. This is a demonstration project for sustainable green building products and energy and water systems. As the first net zero energy hotel project, we will show products for all rooms of a home owner and also a commercial enterprise and of course hospitality goes without saying. Education and being exposed to different products and energy systems and water treatment is critical for building a sustainable future. With the population expected to be 450 million in the USA we can’t continue on our same path. It doesn’t mean living poor but choosing where we apply our assets and investments.

As we create new energy systems and green building products, we create new economic opportunities that will keep more money in the local economy.

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Fritz Kreiss

Fritz has been involved in energy procurement and the field of sustainability for close to twenty years, with expertise in alternative energy development including geothermal, wind and solar farm developments.