Green Wedding Options on the Rise

Wedding Options on the Rise

Today, the most important and time sensitive decision a bride and groom will have to make – is what venue to book.  And as a venue, you obviously want to be the top contender in this search. But how to get there?

As a bride-to-be in the midst of planning a wedding, I’ve come to realize that all bridal couples are looking for the same thing – a way to differentiate themselves from the pack.  They want their wedding to be the best, and so they are drawn to what appears to be the newest and hottest buzz or concept in the market.  And right now – Green Weddings are hot!

Bringing it All Together

Going with a green option not only gives the lucky couple the warm-fuzzies, but is also increasingly trendy and something not every couple has already done for their wedding. Because let’s face it, every bride and groom secretly want to out-do their friends and family by having the best and most memorable celebration.

Become a One-Stop Wedding Shop

Start by offering bridal couples one place for all their wedding needs – from invitations to band selections. If you can become that one-stop wedding shop you immediately ease the worry and work load off the bridal couple’s shoulders. And you provide that first essential step in ‘greening-up’ their wedding; eliminating both the cost and carbon output from having to make multiple trips to do all their wedding research. When you provide all their needs locally, you not only help support your local economy, but you eliminate long-distance transportation needs from far-off vendors, as well.

In the end – it’s all about location, location, location – meaning one location for everything! And the more green ideas you can gather and the more connections you can make to local, ecologically minded vendors – the more you up your green credibility.

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Melinda Pauls

Bride-to-be Melinda Pauls works in the energy business, with an emphasis on sustainable energy management. Her personal quest for the ideal wedding has made her the perfect official “Green Wedding Guide.”

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