Swimming Pool Owners: Green up Your Pool Care With These Tips

According to ThinkProgress.org, homes with swimming pools use 49 percent more energy than homes with no swimming pool. When it comes to pool care, most pool owners like the idea of going green — it’s the actual going part that stumps them. They think it’s too hard to accomplish, too much work to keep up or just too expensive. Not true. We’ll show you how to save water, conserve electricity and still enjoy your swimming pool.

Save water with these measures

The easiest way to conserve your pool water is to get and use a solar cover. According to In The Swim, a solar cover can prevent water evaporation of up to 90 percent, and it will cut costs in chemicals that you would have to add due to evaporation. The cover will also absorb the heat from the sun and warm the pool up, so you don’t have to use an energy-sucking pool heater.

Regularly check your pool for leaks. Evaporation will cause water loss of up to a quarter of an inch on a hot day, so if you’re losing more than that, you likely have a leak. You can lose thousands of gallons a year through a leak.

Also, consider switching to a cartridge filtering system, because they use less water than D.E. and sand filters.

Save electricity: pool pumps and LED lights

The top thing you can do here is choose an Energy Star-certified pool pump. It can control how quickly the water in the pool gets turned. Using slower cycles saves electricity, and since the water only needs to be done once a day, it’s OK if it takes a little longer.

Another thing that a lot of people don’t think about are the underwater lights in the pool. By switching to LEDs, you could go a little greener. LEDs will give you amazing colors that are bright and last longer. Typical bulbs last 5,000 hours while LED lights last 40,000-plus hours. LED lights don’t reach high heat like other bulbs, so they don’t need as much energy and will save you more money.

Use a pool cover to save heat

Pool covers are great for heat retention, which in turn is a great way to save money on electricity. Not only will they absorb the suns ray’s but, if you leave it on at night, it will keep the heat in better, so you don’t have to worry about heating it up from scratch. There are different kinds of covers, including the “old-fashioned” kind that you remove and place back on again; then there are some that are called “liquid solar blankets.” The liquid solar blanket makes an invisible chemical layer on the waters surface and keeps the heat in as well as preventing evaporation, but you can’t see it, taste it or see it.  They are safe for pools, swimmers and the environment, with some brands being biodegradable as well. In comparison to a plastic cover, they are 75 percent as effective.  However, remember that liquid solar blankets protect your pool all the time, including swim time, and you never have to bother re-securing it to the pool.

Eco-friendly pool care is not only possible, it’s relatively simple — as long as you are familiar with the products and techniques that facilitate it. Enjoy your pool this summer and feel good about about how you’re maintaining it with these tips.

Alexandra Verhein, born in Sweden and raised in Spain, is a writer with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Spanish.

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