Renewable Energy Expos

Presenting the Green Leaf project at renewable energy expos

Catherine and I spoke on going green, renewable energy and developing our net zero energy hotels at the Women’s Resource Fair in Lake Geneva and The Smart Growth and Going Green sponsored by the Walworth County Realtors Association. The realtors show was great for some contacts since we are planning on condo-teling or selling the hotel rooms to investors including a fractional ownership in the wind turbine, solar, CHP unit etc for the income and tax benefits through real estate brokers. Of course we are looking at using realtors that have their green certification.

March 25th we are presenting at the Renewable Energy Summit up in Milwaukee.  More info at the Renew Wisconsin website

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Fritz Kreiss

Fritz has been involved in energy procurement and the field of sustainability for close to twenty years, with expertise in alternative energy development including geothermal, wind and solar farm developments.