Let Solar Grow!

Solar is growing at an unprecedented rate. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, 2014 saw the U.S. Solar industry grow by 34% over the previous year, with the residential market growing by a staggering 51%.

And what is this growth telling us?

It is loud and clear that communities across the U.S. want solar. And if that is the case, then why are there all these roadblocks to energy choice and solar ownership? Why are utilities permitted to charge additional fees that penalize ownership, and make solar a less attractive choice? Why? Because utilities are the dominant force in energy production and distribution, and the big boys rule. But, not for long…

As more and more people use less and less energy due to energy efficiency upgrades, including new lighting, appliances and renewable energy installations, utilities will continue to experience a direct loss of revenue. The current utility model’s revenue base is tied specifically to increased energy use, so the overall trend of less energy use will toll a death bell for utilities operating as such. But holding on to what worked is not the answer.

Change for the future

Change is inevitable and change is good, for it brings innovation and growth. Instead of grasping onto the past, it’s time for utilities to open their eyes and look at new ways to earn revenue, without suppressing the growth of solar and other energy innovation. It IS possible.

The battle has begun – and we are starting our quest for energy freedom in our home state of Wisconsin.

Help us Bring Energy Freedom to Wisconsin.  Tell your State Senators where you stand – add your name and voice –  tell them why this matters!

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Wen-D Kersten

Director of Marketing at GreenLeaf Media Group
Wen-D Kersten is the editor and contributor for EcoVision SLC as well as a number of other energy and sustainability sites. She is a green enthusiast with over 15 years of marketing experience, and a background in film and video production.

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