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In this day and age of everything green and sustainable, it can be a little daunting to the hotel looking to address and satisfy their guest’s sustainability needs.  I mean, how are you even supposed to start down this road?  While there’s no one size fits all approach to this, every hotel and situation is different, some hotels are certainly going down that path.  One such hotel is the JW Marriott Miami, located in the heart of downtown Miami in the busting Brickell district.  Their adoption of energy efficiency, recycling, and community outreach practices, has put them well on their way to becoming the sustainable hotel they want to be and guests want to visit.

Auto-Pilot Energy

Energy use continues to place a major strain on the environment, with hotels often caught between conservation and guest comfort.  To get the best of both worlds, the JW Marriott Miami has installed an Evolve guest automation system.  This system employs motion sensors, throughout guest rooms and common areas, which can automatically turn down thermostats after periods of inactivity. These sensors can even tell when a guest has stepped to the balcony and adjust accordingly. For additional conservation, the automation system is linked to the hotel’s reservation system; allowing unoccupied room temperatures to be kept at energy efficient levels, that, prior to occupancy, are adapted automatically for guest comfort.

Additionally, the hotel has furthered their energy conservation efforts by changing all light bulbs from traditional fluorescent bulbs to compact fluorescents.  Both common areas and guest rooms have been changed out, a process that took several months, but will provide energy and costs savings to the hotel for years ahead.

Recycling and Keeping the Beaches Clean

The JW Marriott Miami has also made strides in their recycling efforts.  The institution of an opt-out linen recycling program may not be the most noteworthy action, but it does save energy and water. And remember, not every hotel does this yet.  Guests and employees are also provided with opportunities to recycle a variety of waste, both in common areas and guest rooms.

In addition, the hotel recycles the cooking oil from their restaurant and kitchen areas, which often goes towards the making of renewable fuel.  And speaking of kitchens, the hotel is exploring strategies to enhance their recycling of food waste, seeing it as a measure that could pay off in great sustainable dividends for the hotel.

Besides looking solely at their internal operations, the JW Marriott Miami also looks for ways to promote sustainability in their surrounding community.  Most notably, the hotel staff has participated annually in the nearby Virginia Beach clean-ups.

Working towards Green

While the JW Marriott Miami won’t wow you with LEED certifications or on-site energy generation, don’t think this isn’t a sustainable hotel.  The measures it has taken to this point are working to cut its carbon footprint, as Marriott aspires at all its properties, and with time – promises only to improve. Considering they’ve pursued sustainability for only a short period of time, the results are impressive, and certainly worthy of a spot In the Limelight.

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