2016 Giving Holiday Gift List

Giving Holiday Gift List

This year, for our holiday gift list, we picked from our favorite companies that not only have great ecofriendly products, but ones that care about making the world a better place too. Give a gift and support a cause that is making a difference this holiday season.

Giving Holiday Gift List - Who Give a Crap

Who Gives A Crap

This fist one is a bit odd and might get you the stink eye from some people if you give it as a gift. I know some people love to receive gifts of thing they need but hate buy and this certainly one of them. Give the gift of toilet paper from the people Who Give a Crap. Not only is their environmentally friendly toilet paper delivered to your door, but 50% of the company’s profits go to help build toilets for those in need.

Giving Holiday Gift List - Consious Steps

Conscious Step

A new pair of socks is a staple in my family as a stocking stuffer. You could say socks give back by keeping your feet warm in the winter. The Conscious Step Company took the giving back idea further with taking their fairtrade socks and matching them with causes like safe water, hunger fighting, deforestation and treating HIV. They help fund organizations that are making the world a better place. If you’re going to spend money on socks you might as well have your money going towards a good cause.

Giving Holiday Gift List - Lotto Love

Lotto Love

Switch out the gift card this year for a winning lottery ticket. Lotto Love sells Winning for Good lottery tickets but what you’ll win is a surprise. It could be weeks of clean water, months of solar electricity, literacy tools or nutritious meals for those in need. And all their paper and packaging is FSC certified.

Giving Holiday Gift List - Thread For Thought

Thread for Thought

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, check out Thread for Thought. They design ethical, sustainable fashion that helps improve the planet we all share. All the proceeds from their #RefugeeWelcome shirts go the International Rescue Committee to help make sure every single human being that is fleeing violence or persecution is welcomed and has the opportunity to regain control of their futures.

Giving Holiday Gift List - Unicef


The Unicef Market has many eco-friendly gifts that give back. Most of the proceeds go to medicine and vaccines. Our favorite is their ‘karma’ recycled glass carafe and matching ‘cause & effect’ glasses. If you’re looking for a one stop place to do all your holiday shopping and give back to those in need you can’t go wrong with browsing around the Unicef Market.

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