Give the Gift of Solar this Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Solar

In the past around this time of year we usually share a list of our favorite eco-friendly gift ideas. This year we decided to feature a single gift, one that allows you to easily give the gift of solar energy to someone this year, even if it’s a gift for yourself.

Subscription to a Community Virtual Solar Garden

Through Community Green Energy you can purchase a solar panel(s) from one of their centrally located solar arrays across the country. As the panel generates electricity, your family member, friend, or colleague will receive credits directly on their electric bill. This not only saves them money for at least the next 15 years, but it allows them to live a more sustainable life. And through a panel in a community solar array, they don’t even need to have a roof to get the benefits of solar electricity; they need to only have an electric bill. Another benefit of going solar this way is that there are no ongoing maintenance costs or worries, as Community Green Energy handles all these concerns as part of the panel purchase. In the end, they get the gift of all the benefits of owning solar energy with none of the hassle.

Subscription to a Community Virtual Solar Garden

Ordering a Solar Panel

For some with $728-$2,912 price range the solar panel gift might be out of their price range, but don’t forget this gift keeps on giving for the next 15 years. It also lends itself as an original group gift idea or for that someone who has everything.

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