Guest Blogger Guidelines

We welcome articulate communicators sharing information on ‘green’ topics, with a particular focus on sustainable initiatives, design, products and services within the green building, sustainable hospitality, and eco-friendly travel & leisure markets.

Our Audiences

Our readers are building professionals, consumers, hoteliers and just about anyone interested in and concerned about the environment. How-to posts, informative lists, product reviews and information pertaining to green hotels – from building, to training, to amenities – garners attention from our users. Quality content must be delivered and cannot be used as a direct selling vehicle.

Writing Tips & Criteria

  • Your post can be of any length as long as they convey the intended message. We recommend a minimum of 300 words.
  • Please keep sensitive, proprietary, confidential, and financial information about your respective company secret.
  • Refer to trademarks correctly.
  • Blogs generally have a more casual writing style than press releases and technical articles.
  • Beware to avoid sales/ marketing pitches.
  • External links are allowed in articles if they are relevant to the topic you’re writing about. We do ask that you link to sources in order to give proper attribution.
  • Please provide any appropriate videos. Raw video files (MOV, SWF) are not accepted. Please provide either a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • Please provide any appropriate pictures. Images should be at a minimum 1170 x 482px, 72DPI. Acceptably file formats for image submissions: TIF, JPG, PNG, PDF
  • Please do not reference competitors, or customers, partners or suppliers who have told you not to mention them.


When you submit a post for review, we assume the post is exclusively for use on our site. However, should you wish to reproduce the article on your own blog, newsletter, website, etc., please reference that it was originally published for and provide a link back to the original posting. Please contact us if you have questions on use of the article once it has been posted to the site’s blog.

We want to help promote your company or association. So when submitting your article, please provide a boilerplate of up to three (3) sentences to let our audience know who you are and what you do. This is your author signature, not ad space, so please take the time to explain to our audience who you are – not what you are selling. Additionally, this boilerplate allows for up to two (2) links; for your website, blog, LinkedIn profile, etc.

Send your article in DOCX, DOC or PDF format by email to We ask that you attach images separately in the email or provide link for download.

In providing us with your blog, you give us your consent to reproduce the content in any way, without any compensation to you.


The GreenLeaf Media Group staff will edit all posts submitted for grammatical, SEO  or layout purposes. We promise not to rewrite your article, but to only make changes as needed. Please don’t take it personally – we do this because we know our audience and the quirks of our website. We will provide final edited material for your approval.

Your photos will be cropped and have minimum adjustments made to them to fit our aesthetics and website template. Once published you have 24 hours to request any changes. You are welcome to submit 1-20 photos or 1-3 videos but keep in mind that not all content will be published with your article. The best and most appropriate items will be chosen to display for maximum impact and post load speed control.

Green Directory

As a guest blogger, if applicable, you will receive six (6) months free listing as a featured product on our green directory. This is not a company/business listing but a specific product or service your business offers. Other marketing promotional opportunities may be available upon request.

Your Article Has Been Published…Now What?

Your article will be scheduled as soon as possible. To expand our audience and encourage engagement, we’ll need your help.

  • Social Media – Be social! Promote your posted article on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon.
  • Linking – Put links to the post on your own website or blog, along with a short blurb about your guest post!
  • Comments – Our readers like to get involved in the conversation! Once comments are posted, we will notify you by email for a response. Participating and engaging with the readers will increase the likelihood of future connection with you. We promise to be timely in notification of new comments.

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