CHP is Coming to the Inn

CHP is Coming to the Inn

Co-generation is the simultaneous production of two forms of energy from a single fuel source. In our case, we will be using natural gas to make electricity and hot water for heat and domestic hot water for the Inn. The system will be located in Catherine’s pottery studio and will be able to be viewed by guests at the Inn and for tours. The energy production will be available online as well.

The typical power plant generates electricity at a 35 to 40% efficiency and dumps all the rest of the heat to the atmosphere or to a body of water (causing other issues in the lake) so for 10 units of fuel you get 3.5 to 4 back in usable energy. This is partly due to the fact that everyone wants to power plants burning dirty coal to be located far away so it is impossible to use the heat energy that could be captured.

With smaller scale distributed energy and using cogeneration, for every 10 units of fuel, we can get back 9 units of usable energy in the form of electricity and hot water thus benefiting the environment. Europe generates 35% of the energy by cogeneration while it is only about 8% in the US.

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Fritz Kreiss

Fritz has been involved in energy procurement and the field of sustainability for close to twenty years, with expertise in alternative energy development including geothermal, wind and solar farm developments.

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