Buying Local – Art

Buying Local – Art

You’re decorating your hotel. And when all the flooring, wall covers and furniture are in place, one thing remains to be done – selecting the right art for your hotel.

Art is a very personal choice, so selecting pieces that will appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes and styles is practically impossible. So when a hotel takes the time to choose art that truly reflects the personality of their establishment rather than a safe but very bland piece – we applaud them.

Local Art Movement

Buying local art, like buying local food, means supporting your local economy. And by buying local, you also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the cost in energy lost in transporting from other locations. The Mining Exchange, A Wyndham Grand Hotel in Colorado, is one hotel actively promoting and supporting the work of local artists. In 2013, owners Perry and Lorn Sanders commissioned original work from local artist Phil Lear; three large paintings including a lively, colorful portrait of Louis Armstrong. These pieces are part of the permanent collection. However, Lear and other local artists will provide a variety of paintings and photographs of local landmarks, for sale to the public, and on display in the lobby and hallways.

The Omni Dallas Hotel takes the concept to a grand scale, with 150 local artists providing original pieces of art, more than 6,700 works to be exact, throughout the hotel, including guest rooms. But it’s not just in Dallas. This policy extends to all new Omni hotels as a way to share the unique story and feel of a hotels’ location. For example, in the Omni Nashville, the art serves as a wonderful extension of the music scene found throughout the city. The Omni Nashville recognized the power of using art as a point of differentiation, making their art selection one of the most “talked about features” of the hotel. We call that smart design and smart thinking!

The Woodmark Hotel in Washington State, takes a different twist on local art, supporting the local Kirkland Arts community with a quarterly rotation of featured artists throughout the hotel. All pieces are available for purchase and extensive bios on each artist are made available to patrons. “With Art in Action at the Woodmark Hotel, our ongoing commitment is to enhance the guests experience and support our local arts community.”

Taking Green to the Next Level

Hotel Felix –an In the Limelight featured hotel, uses art as a statement in sustainability. Their three exterior metal sculptures, created by renowned Midwest sculptor, Allen Christian, use reclaimed materials ranging from an old umbrella stand to a drill bit. Imagine being greeted by a recycled life-sized doorman? It’s something you’d never forget! Check out our Pinterest board for other great ideas and suggestions on recycled art.

Every hotel longs for that ‘point of differentiation’ – a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Art provides a great opportunity to encourage a unique style and presentation for your hotel – while supporting your local economy and becoming a beacon to the local arts community.

Is your hotel using art as a statement? What other hotels can you name who are joining the Local Art movement?

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