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A New Font for Printing

Eco-friendly paper options and eco-friendly ink options have been on the market for a while. One of the easiest and cheapest ‘go green’ solutions is switching your paper to a recycled option with a post-consumer water percentage and chlorine-free processed environment. Once you have made that switch you might have looked into using soy and vegetable-based inks and using a professional print shop that runs on solar or wind power to print your materials.

Now thanks to a brilliant idea from Nils Leonard in partner with Monotype, you can now reduce the amount of ink you use by just switching your choice of font. There is no better way to explain our excitement or hopes for this latest design invention than how Nils described it himself on

“… We want it to be the world’s default font. If everyone used Ryman Eco when printing, we would save over 490 million ink cartridges and nearly 15 million barrels of oil. That’s equivalent to 6.5m tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.”

Not only can you take one more step to being eco-friendly but you are increasing the lifespan of your printer’s ink cartridges by reducing to 33% the amount of ink need to print your standard font.

You can join the movement and download the font here:, or read more about the new design and concept here:

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Brooke Rogers

Graphic Designer at GreenLeaf Media Group
Brooke Rogers has a background in graphic design and lends her skills and insight to a variety of companies with an emphasis in sustainable practices and alternative eco-conscious services.

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