7 Steps to Going Green When Remodeling Your Kitchen

As you remodel your home, going green is at the top of your list of considerations. You want your home to be eco-friendly as well as beautiful. The kitchen, which is at the heart of many homes, is one of the most important rooms in the eco-friendly remodeling process. If you’re looking to go green in your kitchen, these tips will help get you started on the right foot.

1. Counter tops: Choose eco-friendly counter tops. There are several types of counter tops that you can choose from. Your options include recycled glass, bamboo, recycled paper, sustainable wood, and recycled aluminum. The type of counter top that you choose will depend on your unique style and the design of your kitchen.

2. Kitchen cabinets:
Check the composition of your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets often take up more wall space than anything else in your kitchen. They can also have a significant effect on your indoor air quality. New cabinets are required to have low levels of formaldehyde, so make sure that yours were manufactured after 2013. Also, look for cabinets that are labeled no- or low-VOH. Another option? Choose cabinets made of salvaged wood for a unique, durable, and very eco-friendly appearance.

3. Backsplash: Choose a backsplash made from recycled or eco-friendly material. Metal backsplashes add a unique, durable feature that will make your kitchen stand out. You can also choose tiles made from recycled materials, including recycled ceramic tile and glass. Glass tile—available in great selection online, creates a beautiful accent for your kitchen without sacrificing eco-friendly considerations.

4. Flooring:When selecting your flooring, choose a substance that is durable, constructed from eco-friendly materials, and stunning all at the same time. Wood is a fantastic, durable option that will have your kitchen shining for a long time to come. If you’re looking for something unique, try a cork floor. This remarkable flooring provides excellent foot support and is mold and pest-resistant–an excellent choice for kitchen floors. For other options, consider linoleum, tile, and stone.

5. Lighting:  When you choose your kitchen lighting, it’s not just about selecting the new, more energy-efficient bulbs. Take into consideration the possibility of multiple switches so that you can turn on only the lights that are needed. Add a dimmer switch to your dining room lights. Also, designing a kitchen that is bright and open will allow you plenty of natural light during daylight hours.

6. Appliances: Today’s appliances offer more eco-friendly options than ever before. Check out the Energy Star rating on your appliances before buying. There are sure to be plenty of energy-efficient appliances available in your budget. Energy efficiency isn’t just green. It will also help save you money.

7. Faucets: Ideal kitchen faucets will conserve water while still giving you the flow that you need. Choose a faucet that’s designed to conserve water and your kitchen will benefit.

An eco-friendly kitchen is a synthesis of beauty and health. Not only is it safer for the environment to use environmentally safe and sustainable products, it’s also safer for your entire family. Even more importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to design a gorgeous kitchen that will meet all your family’s needs.

Fay Wein is a writer, nature lover, mother and wife (not in that order!) She is a communication specialist and blogger for Glass Tile Oasis, an online shop with an extensive selection of some of the most unique and inspired kitchen and bath tiles.

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