24 Green Gift Ideas for 2014

Here is a recap of all the Green Gift ideas we gathered this season.

  1. For the gardener…here’s a kneeling pad, made from a ‎recycled industrial tire tube; naturally slip resistant, water resistant, and abrasion resistant. Made in Milwaukee WI.
  2. Eco-friendly timepieces…eco-friendly timepieces made from a variety of sustainable/biodegradable material
  3. For the biker…make it a solar-powered bike light, where an hour of sun translates into three hours of illumination.
  4. For the artistgreat new pencil idea; when you get down to the stub, instead of throwing it away – you can plant the stub and grow basil, sage, green peppers, etc.
  5. For the golfer…eco-friendly golf balls made from recycled materials, and a great recycle/reuse incentive – $6 back for every old ball you return; that additional incentive to hunt for those shots gone awry.
  6. For the Purse/Bag lover…Bags made from recycled fabric, burlap and leather from REpurposingNOLA Piece by Peace; New Orleans-based, female-owned, re-utilizing excess fabrics to create sustainable designer goods MADE in New Orleans.
  7. For your pet…Made in the USA of recycled rubber, both durable and functional. Protects floor from food spills while creating a place for your pet to eat.
  8. For the coffee lover…organic beans, shade-grown, meaning no deforestation – from the ‪‎Audubon Coffee Club. And from now until Earth Day 2109, (yup – that’s the right date!) when you join the Audubon Coffee Club, they’ll plant a real native  rainforest tree in your name on their organic coffee farm in Central America. They’ll even email you a picture of your tree! 
  9. For the teen/tween in your life…belts made from recycled tires!
  10. For the winter sport lover…eco-friendly bamboo ski poles made by hand in Park City, Utah; providing local employment as well as helping to curb emissions.
  11. For the yoga fanatic…eco-friendly yoga mats!
  12. For the techie in your life…bamboo wireless desktop keyboard and mouse.
  13. For the person who thinks they have everything…100% authentic hand-picked garbage as art!
    Over 12 years, over 1,400 NYC Garbage cubes have been sold and now reside in 30 countries around the world.
  14. For the wine lovercertified organic wines, that are made in a sustainable, biodynamic environment, including:  recycling, water conservation, energy conservation, and carbon-neutral delivery.
  15. For the baseball fan – special cuff-links made from actual seats salvaged and re-purposed from their favorite stadium.
  16. For the clean laundry fanatic….A hand-powered washing machine for all their dedicates or small loads. For use at home or when camping!
  17. For the person who’s always prepared…Water rechargeable batteries that keep at least 20 years!
  18. For the eco-concerned…A tumbling composter for home use.
  19. For the dog lover – dog collars made from re-purposed gently-used belts.
  20. For the caring cook…Indoor Composting System, this odorless composter stores neatly under kitchen sink, for easy access.
  21. For the chef… Bio Chef Kitchenware – produced with bioplastics to be eco-friendly, non-toxic, dishwasher safe, BPA free and FDA approved.
  22. For the crockpot loverWonderbag Portable Slow Cooker for eco-friendly slow cooking. No plugs, no fuss: Cooks your food, unplugged, by retaining the heat from an initial simmer on the stove; Perfect for the holidays when stove, freezer and counter space are at a premium.
  23. For the coffee lover on the go…I Am Not a Paper Cup – but I sure look like one!
  24. For the candle lover….candles made from 100% natural wax, with chemical-free cotton wicks and 100% natural essential oils rather than the chemical and synthetic fragrances usually used. And a real plus – this company’s packaging is made out of biodegradable plastics and recycled paper. -free cotton wicks. Plus there packaging is made out of biodgradable plastics and recycled paper

Which of these items will be on your wish list for next year?!

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Brooke Rogers

Graphic Designer at GreenLeaf Media Group
Brooke Rogers has a background in graphic design and lends her skills and insight to a variety of companies with an emphasis in sustainable practices and alternative eco-conscious services.

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